Awaken Christian Counseling

healing the mind and spirit

What We Do

In this hectic world, there seems to be no time to take care of ourselves.  At AWAKEN, we know the importance of taking care of yourself and your mental health.  We strive to provide biblically-based guidance for navigating your life in order that you live up to your fullest potential and all that God has for you.  

Virtual Sessions

One of the most important aspects of counseling for any client is time.  Many of our clients have real time constraints, so we offer virtual sessions to meet the needs of our clients.  We also offer weekend and evening appointments to give our clients flexible scheduling options.

Sliding Scale

Another important aspect of counseling is the cost.  Many of our clients are unable to afford counseling or do not have insurance.  This should not be an obstacle in having a healthy mind and spirit.  Therefore, we work with clients on a sliding scale to offer counseling that is affordable to everyone.

Goal Setting

At AWAKEN, we understand that counseling isn't meant to last forever.  The goal of any counselor should be to help clients meet goals so they no longer need counseling.  We help you set measurable goals so that you feel confident you are making the progress you want to make.


Many who seek counseling desire to see their family involved.  We take pride in including all family members, where appropriate, because we know that your support system is crucial to your success.


We believe that everything you can learn about healthy minds and spirits is found in the Bible.  We help you to discover Biblical truths about God's desire for you, and teach you how to face the enemy when your back is against the wall.


Not many of us like change.  But, with change comes growth.  We believe that if you are willing to take ahold of the opportunity, you'll see the future like never before - full of hope.  We'll give you specific tools to help you lead the life God has purposed for you.